Online Tutorials and Instruction Modules

Online Tutorials - Learn about Information Literacy topics; includes quiz and certificate.
Instruction Modules - Watch and learn as users perform common library tasks, step-by-step.
Additional Training for Library Student Workers

Online Tutorials

Designed to help students effectively use the Library and its resources. Six modules teach students how to select a research topic, define information needs, select sources, locate and evaluate information, and cite sources. This tutorial also covers the basics of evaluating websites. Includes quiz and completion certificate.

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This tutorial was accepted into ALA's PRIMO database. PRIMO is a peer-reviewed collection of librarian-created instruction materials. (2010)


Developed to help users competently locate books and other materials in the library. Topics include library terminology and the classification scheme used to organize library materials. Includes quiz and completion certificate.

Instruction Modules

Game: Goblin Threat!

In this interactive game, you must use your understanding of copyright, plagiarism, and citing sources to save the SHSU campus from being overtaken by plagiarism goblins! Game adapted courtesy of Lycoming University.

Your internet browser will need a Flash plugin to play the game.

Note: The "goblins remaining" count does not always work correctly, but keep hunting--a door will open each time you've defeated the last goblin in a room!

image of the Goblin Threat! home screen

Additional Training for Library Student Workers

Designed to help library student workers understand the classification systems and the proper ordering of call numbers. Includes a quiz and an email confirming the student's final score.