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What is EndNote Web?
Create Your Free EndNote Web Account
Access Your EndNote Web Account
Get Your Sources/References into EndNote Web
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What is EndNote Web?

EndNote Web is a web-based citation management program provided by the Newton Gresham Library.

With EndNote Web, you can

  • Export journal and book details from many databases to EndNote Web.
  • Access your citations anytime, from anywhere the Internet is available.
  • Create reference lists in almost any style in just a few clicks.
  • Use "Cite While You Write" to insert references into Word as you write, requiring only 1-2 clicks to create citations and a bibliography in any style. Learn how to use Cite While You Write.

Create Your Free EndNote Web Account

If you are ON CAMPUS:

  1. Open the EndNote Web login page.
  2. Click "Sign Up" and enter your e-mail address.
  3. Complete the registration form (all fields must be filled out). Click "I Agree" to accept the software's terms of service.

If you are OFF CAMPUS:

  1. Connect to Remote Desktop before creating an account. (Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop. Enter and then login with your SHSU username and password.)
    Get instructions for using Remote Desktop on PC or Mac.
  2. After your account is created, you can use EndNote Web online from anywhere; you will not need to use Remote Desktop again.

Access Your EndNote Web Account

From the library website, find and click on EndNote Web in the alphabetical list of databases, or go directly to

Get Your Sources/References into EndNote Web

Exporting Directly from a Database

  • Export is used when the database provider provides a mechanism to click once or twice to push your citations into EndNote Web.
  • When available, Export is often found with the options to print, save and email citations. EndNote Web opens automatically when export functions work properly. Not all databases provide an Export tool.
  • How to export or import citations.
  • Pop-ups must be enabled for most Export functions to work. To determine if pop-ups are being blocked, visit Get help enabling pop-ups.

Export Guide Image

Importing from a Database File

  • Import involves using the database's save function to create a text ( .txt) file and then using EndNote Web's Import feature to pull the citations into your EndNote Web account.
  • This option may be provided by databases which have not developed an Export tool, but not all databases provide an Import tool.
  • How to import or export citations.

Import Guide Image

Manually Entering Citations

Even if export/import functions are not available in a specific database, or if you already have a book or article in your hand, you can always simply type the information into EndNote Web. This way you can still include a source in the record of your research and in your formatted bibliography, regardless of a database's functions.

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