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Alcalde Yearbooks

The Sam Houston State University yearbook, The Alcalde, was published for students from 1910 to 2006 and is a unique record of student life on campus. The Alcaldes provide countless images and depictions of SHSU’s general history, curriculum, and community sponsors. The Newton Gresham Library is committed to providing quality online access to past SHSU Alcaldes and is currently hard at work digitizing, describing, and uploading all available volumes. The Alcalde project is a long-term endeavor for the library and content will be periodically updated as we progress. Remember to regularly check back for newly added volumes.

Sensitive Content Warning
Sam Houston State University and the Newton Gresham Library, through our Digital Special Collection, offer public access to a wide range of information, including historical materials that may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials must be viewed in the context of the relevant time period. Sam Houston State University does not endorse the views expressed in such materials.

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