The Cataloging Unit of the Technical Services Department of the Newton Gresham Library organizes the library's resources and makes them accessible to students, faculty, and staff through the online catalog. Our goal is to provide correct, standardized cataloging and processing in all formats while maintaining an accurate and realistic approach to the organization and management of materials.

While maintaining high bibliographic standards and applying the rules to new technology, the Cataloging staff recognizes its responsibility to serve library users. The Cataloging Unit staff consists of two librarians and four copy catalogers who work together to catalog all incoming material and delete obsolete materials. In addition to working with individual titles, catalogers also deal with large collections, or sets of records, purchased from various sources. The cataloging unit also works closely with the other library units to establish and maintain the database.

Our online catalog serves as a tool for reference and research to provide more accessible information for the university faculty, staff, and students, as well as the larger community of library users. If you have any difficulty locating information or materials in our catalog, please request assistance at the Library Service Desk, where our Reference staff will be happy to assist you. You may also utilize our Ask a Librarian service to contact us by chat/IM, text message, e-mail, or telephone. If you wish to notify us of inaccuracies in the catalog, please report an error in the catalog.