One to One

What is One to One?

One to One is a program designed to provide individual assistance to doctoral students (and master's students engaged in thesis research) in utilizing library resources at Sam Houston State University.

You will be assigned a librarian who will work "one to one" with you for the duration of your doctoral program or thesis research. "Your" librarian will be available by appointment to assist you in conducting library research by helping you formulate logical search strategies, determine the appropriate resources within our library or in other libraries, and identify useful services.

Download the application (PDF).

Who is Eligible?

  • Doctoral students at SHSU
  • Master's students currently engaged in thesis research at SHSU
  • SHSU faculty members engaged in dissertation research (at SHSU or at another university)

How Can One to One Help Me ?

  • Advice regarding what resources are available, where to begin searching, and what steps to try next
  • Instruction in how information is organized and described to help you become a better searcher
  • Assistance translating searches into the "language" of library systems for maximum effectiveness
  • A single, consistent point of contact for questions and guidance throughout the research process

What Should I Not Expect from One to One?

Although "your" librarian will provide guidance and instruction, she will not be responsible for conducting comprehensive literature searches for you or actually compiling your research materials on your behalf. We will help you build the knowledge to complete the research process yourself.

What Will it Cost Me?

This program is free. In fact, it should save you hours of unproductive research.

How Do I Apply?

  • Complete the short application, including a signature from your faculty advisor (or thesis chairman).
  • Email, deliver, or mail the application to the library, according to the instructions on the application.
  • Once a librarian is assigned to you, you will be contacted for an initial "interview" to discuss your research needs and orient you to library resources.
  • After this initial discussion, you may contact "your" librarian or schedule appointments as needed.

PDF iconDownload the application (PDF).