Copy Services

Location: Newton Gresham Library, Room 141
Contact: 936-294-3551

Hours of Operation

The Copy Room opens at the same time as the Library.

The office/window closes 30 minutes before the Library.
The whole copy room closes 10 minutes before the Library.

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Services and Resources Available

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Public Use:

  • Copy machines
  • Microform reader/printers
  • Non-networked computer for word processing (no printer; user must take disk or flash drive to lab or elsewhere to print)
  • Note: At this time there are NO public-access, networked computers in NGL 141

Public Use through Copy Services Personnel:

  • Fax (send and receive)
  • Color copier
  • Color printer



State and local sales tax will be added to the total cost of all services.

We accept cash; we will also accept checks and all major credit cards if accompanied by a valid photo ID (SHSU ID or Texas Driver's License).

  • Copy Machines: $0.10 per copy
  • Microforms: $0.25 per copy
  • Color Copies: $0.25
  • B & W Transparencies: $1.00 per transparency
  • Color Transparencies: $3.00 per transparency
  • Cover Bind: $2.00
  • Lamination: $0.75 for letter size & $1.00 for legal size

  • Fax Service:
    • Outgoing Domestic: $1.00 for the first page & $0.50 each additional page.
    • Outgoing Local: $0.50 for the first page & $0.25 each additional page.
    • International: $3.00 for the first page & $0.50 each additional page.
    • Incoming International/Domestic: $0.50 for the first page & $0.25 each additional page.

  • Computer Print Jobs:
    • B & W: $0.10 per page
    • Color: $0.25 per page