Computers, Printers, TV Monitors, and Laptops

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Computer Workstations & Printers
Adaptive / Assistive Technology
TV Monitors
Laptops: Bring Your Own or Borrow Ours!
Wireless Printing from Laptops

Computer Workstations & Printers

The 1st-floor open computer area provides Windows 10 PC computers with webcams, two printers, and two black-and-white copiers (free for public use). We reserve the right to reboot unattended computers in this area after 10 minutes; unsaved data may be lost.

Room 200 on the 2nd floor houses an IT@Sam computer lab with Windows 10 PC computers with webcams, Macintosh computers, printers, flat-bed scanners, and ADA workstations. Get more information about IT@Sam labs on campus.

These computer areas are often busy and may not support quiet independent study. Looking for a quiet place to study? We can help you find one.

Adaptive / Assistive Technology

The Adaptive Technology Area provides tools for students with special needs, including impaired vision or learning disabilities. This equipment is located at the far end of the 1st floor computer area, closest to the Administration Offices. Learn more about adaptive technology in the Library.

TV Monitors

Many of the library's group spaces, both enclosed and open, include large TV monitors for sharing computer displays. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect wirelessly. In 3rd floor rooms with no wireless connnection option, use the cable to connect your laptop/device to the monitor. If the standard cable does not fit, please go to the Library Service Desk. We can lend you:

  1. A cable adapter to connect your device to the monitor (please bring the device with you); or,
  2. An alternative laptop that works with the monitor

Questions? Visit the Library Service Desk (main floor) or call 936-294-1599.

Laptops: Bring Your Own or Borrow Ours!

  1. Personal laptops are welcome and can access the secured SHSU wireless network or the guest wifi.
  2. Laptops may be borrowed at the Library Service Desk for use inside the library building.
    • The equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • A valid ID (Bearkat OneCard, TexShare Card, Courtesy Card) is required in order to check out a laptop.
    • Laptops are due back 15 minutes before closing on the same day.
    • Laptops borrowed from the library can access the SHSU wireless network, and your personal USB drive may be used with them.
  3. Need to plug in? Power outlets are located around the building's perimeter, or use one of our convenient mobile charging stations. Be careful not to create trip hazards with power cords; users with cords strung across a walkway may be asked to move to a different location.

Wireless Printing from Laptops:

  • Both PC/Windows and Mac laptops can print wirelessly to networked campus printers.
  • Get instructions for printing wirelessly.
  • To print wirelessly in the Library, select nglref-1 or nglref-2 (both located at the center staircase near the 1st-floor open computer area).