Music Listening Room Policies

Circulation Policy

Materials housed in the Music Listening Room circulate. Only faculty and staff may check out audio and visual materials from the Music Listening Room. Materials must be checked out at the service counter in the Music Listening Room. There are no exceptions to this policy. Students must have an SHSU ID card to check out materials in the Music Listening Room. Refer to the complete library circulation policy.

Reserve Materials

Faculty may place materials on Reserve for use in the Music Listening Room. The Library requires 72 hours to process materials that are the personal property of faculty. At least 24 hours processing time is needed to place items from the collection on Reserve. Faculty may reserve materials by telephone, e-mail, campus mail, or in person.

Equipment Use

Only materials owned by the Library or placed on reserve by music faculty may be listened to or viewed in the Music Listening Room. Prior approval from the Music Librarian is required to bring personal materials to the Music Listening Room.


Materials housed in the Music Listening Room are under copyright protection. Personal material placed on reserve is also under copyright protection. The Library adheres to the guidelines in the Copyright Laws of the United States. Copies of recordings are made for preservation purposes only. Students may make copies of small portions of recordings for educational purposes that comply with Fair Use Standards. Copying of entire recordings for personal use is not permitted. Students may not bring outside materials to be copied in the Music Listening Room. Responsibility for compliance with Copyright Law rests with the student.

If there are any questions, you can contact Bruce Hall (the head of the department) at (936) 294-4800 or e-mail him at