Computer Systems Maintenance Office

Contact information:


Phone: 936-294-4892. If no one answers, please leave a voice mail. We do not return missed calls with no voice mails.

Standard Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm.

Office location: Room 126 of the library.


The primary responsibility of the Computer Systems Maintenance Office is to the service of the library’s computer systems. We serve as the helpdesk, desktop support, network support, and server administrators for the staff, faculty, and services of this building. Please understand that poster projects are of a secondary and non-professional nature. We do not provide editing or proofing services. We are only able to print the file/s that are received and cannot assist with the content of the poster or image. We cannot guarantee that our posters will be as good as a professional graphics business. 


Faculty, Staff, and University Departmental Discount: There is a 25% discount for poster printing projects done for SHSU faculty and staff members and university departments. This discount does not apply to the Copy Services department.

  1. We require a minimum of 48 hours (two business days) to complete a print job. We request that any needed printing be submitted 2 days in advance so that we can complete your request without delay.
  2. 10 or more posters will require a minimum of 5 business days to complete.
  3. The minimum timeframe requirement is subject to change without notice, based on the workload of our primary responsibilities.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse service on late requests and rush jobs if we determine there is no time to accommodate the project.
  5. Acceptable poster file formats (in order of preference):
    1. Adobe PDF.
    2. Any image format (TIFF/TIF, RAW, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.).


  • Non-Photo Paper
    • 24-inch wide prints are billed at $6.50 per linear foot
    • 36-inch wide prints are billed at $7.50 per linear foot
    • 42-inch wide prints are billed at $9.00 per linear foot
  • Photo Paper
    • 24-inch wide prints are billed at $8.00 per linear foot
    • 36-inch wide prints are billed at $12.00 per linear foot
    • 42-inch wide prints are billed at $15.00 per linear foot
  • Poster Tubes - The discount for faculty/staff does not apply to poster tubes.
    • 24" Poster Tubes - $2.00
    • 36” Poster Tubes - $2.50
    • 42” Poster Tubes - $3.00


Step 1. Files & Poster Info: Provide the finished files to be printed and all of the answers to the Poster Request Info Form either by attaching the documents to an e-mail:, or copy and paste the text of the document into the body of the e-mail, or you can print and fill the form out to give to the technicians if you choose to physically drop off your poster.

You may provide your poster files to us digitally via email or bring them to our office on a flash drive. We do not accept hard copies to be scanned.

Step 2. Quote & Approval: Once we have received all necessary files and information, we will email a quote to the address that you provided. If you're paying with an interdepartmental, we will provide you with a pre-filled out interdepartmental as your quote. Please verify that the information on the quote is correct and let us know about any corrections that may be necessary or questions that you may have. If there is anything wrong with the quote, it could delay the completion of your poster request as we will not start printing your posters until you approve the details.

Step 3. Printing: We will print poster requests as time permits.

Step 4. Notification, Payment & Pick-up. We will notify you via email when your posters are completed and ready to be picked up.

If you're paying with cash, credit, or check, bring a photo ID and the amount to be paid to the Copy Services department in room 141 of the library. Please note: the Copy Services department cannot accept anything larger than a twenty dollar bill.

If you're paying with an interdepartmental, bring a photo ID and a signed original (can not be a copy) of the interdepartmental that we provided to you as payment to the Copy Services department in room 141 of the library. DO NOT have a copy of the interdepartmental sent to us in any way. We only accept interdepartmentals by hand at the time that the posters are picked up.

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